~OrbitLightShow Tumblr Giveaway~

We’d like to thank all our followers and those who have been supporting us! :) Here’s the giveaway contest we promised you guys <3

Prizes: 1 Microskinz Evo-X Gloveset (you may choose your own colors), 1 Keep Calm & Lightshow On totebag, 1 rainbow orbit, 1 white & 1 blacked out replacement gloves, 1 OLS mousepad, 1 elephant fannypack, 1 set of clear jelly & 1 set of frosted jelly diffusers, 1 lanyard, and a set of stickers!  


-You MUST be following Orbitlightshow.

-You may reblog as many times as you wish. (both picture & text included)

-Likes will NOT and DO NOT count!

*This contest will end April 1st, 2012. 

Winner will be chosen by a randomizer!

We will send the winner a message, and if they do not reply within 24hrs then it is ON TO THE NEXT ONE ;)


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